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Empowering at-risk youth through skateboarding

A skateboarder does a grab trick in a bowl-shaped skate park. In the background is a watching crowd, palm trees, and the ocean.
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  • Investigaciones en curso

    Proyecto de Investigación  Representaciones sociales en la prensa digital de Comodoro Rivadavia. Imágenes de inmigrantes bolivianos y paraguayos Director: Dr. Sebastián Sayago Equipo: Prof. Brenda Melián, Prof. Julieta del Prato, Lic. Cecilia Olivares, Prof. Lorena Girard, alumnas Guadalupe Coria Figueroa y Silvia Lagos. Período: 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2018 Palabras Clave: representaciones sociales – inmigrantes – prensa digital […]

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  • Antecedentes

    Proyectos de investigación más relevantes desarrollados en el ámbito de la FHCS-UNPSJB: a. Proyecto de Investigación Comodoro Rivadavia en sus discursos: las representaciones de las relaciones intergrupales (SCyT Nº 252). Director: Dr. Juan Samaja. Responsable in situ: Sebastián Sayago. Institución: SCyT-UNPSJB. Período: 1998-2000. b. Proyecto de Investigación La constitución de las identidades sociales en contextos de globalización. Análisis crítico […]

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Learn to skate

Skatepark welcomes youth of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’ve never been on a board before, or you can already do tricks, there’s a place for you and something to learn.

Make new friends

Skateboarding is a social sport! Come hang out and meet some new friends to cheer you on while you skate. We have a strict no-bullying policy and maintain a supportive environment.

Close-up of a person riding a skateboard, focusing on their feet and the board. One foot is on the board, while the other foot is up, in motion. A skatepark is blurred in the background.

Skateboarding can teach people discipline, patience, and resiliency. It’s a great sport for kids with a lot of energy! We’ll help build up some structure and support in your life, all while you meet new people and have a ton of fun learning how to skateboard.

Visiting Coaches

Steph Harper. Buddy Sellers. Mehmet Farrow. Bob Lopez. Tammy Habich. Tye Barclay. Kaden Price. Lily Rivera. Chris Wright. Sammy Sanchez.